Vi informiamo che al workshop saranno presenti rappresentanti delle industrie: sarà quindi un'ottima occasione per scambiarci idee e gettare le basi per eventuali collaborazioni!


Accoglienza Partecipanti: a partire dalle 9.30

Inizio lavori: 10.30

10.30-11.10 Le Biotecnologie e l'industria

Chair: Lucia Gardossi e Alessandra Romanelli

10.30-10-50 Dr. Mario Bonaccorso, Assobiotec-Federchimica/Cluster Tecnologico Nazionale della Chimica Verde SPRING "Bio-based Economy: the role of industrial biotechnology"

10.50-11.10 Dr. Stefano Donadio, Naicons SRL Milano "Discovery of bioactive metabolites at NAICONS"

11.10-12.30-comunicazioni orali

Chair: Lucia Gardossi e Alessandra Romanelli

11.10-11.20 Tullia Tedeschi Playing chemistry with food proteins: molecular tools for food safety, food authenticity and food waste valorization

11.20-11.30 Elena Cini Bioconjugation Chemistry for Development of new Antibody Drug Conjugates

11.30-11.40 Luca D'andrea Chemical ligation approaches for protein synthesis and modification

11.40-11.50 Francesco Sansone Ammonium containing calixarenes as multivalent systems for the delivery of nucleic acids and mimics

11.50-12.00 Alessandro D'Urso Porphyrins as versatile tool to design switches, probes and multicomponent arrays with biomolecules

12.00-12.10 Michael Assfalg Biomolecular recognition at nanoparticle surfaces: characterization of association equilibria and mapping of binding sites

12.10-12.20 Barbara La Ferla Glycotools for biotecnological applications

12.20-12.30 Roberto Corradini Design and synthesis of Peptide Nucleic Acids (PNAs) for DNA and RNA-based Therapeutic and Diagnostic Applications.

12.30-14.00 pranzo

14.00-14.40 Le Biotecnologie e l'industria

Chair: Elisa Michelini e Roberto Corradini

14.00-14.20 Dr. Paolo Ingallinella - DiaSorin SpA Milano "Chemistry and biotechnology for immunodiagnostics: a tight synergy for innovation"

14.20-14.40 Prof. Oreste Piccolo-Studio di Consulenza Scientifica Lecco "A personal journey in the application of biocatalysis to the synthesis of fine chemicals

14.40-15.30: Comunicazioni Flash

Chair: Elisa Michelini e Roberto Corradini

14.40 Alessandra Romanelli Self-assembling nucleic acid analogues for the fabrication of new fluorescent materials

14.45 Barbara Zambelli In-cell targeting of activity and maturation of Helicobacter pylori urease as a novel strategy for antibacterial drug screening

14.50 Antonia Lopreside Wireless Monitoring of endocrine disrupting chemicals with sensitive bioluminescent yeast biosensor

14.55 Carlo Morasso Raman imaging as tool for the label free characterization of cells and tissue

15.00 Ylenia Beniamino Nickel effects on human health: NDRG1 and SrnR, two proteins related to Ni2+ dependent tumorigenesis and infections

15.05 Arrigoni Federica Quantum Chemistry serving biotechnologies: the interesting case of metalloenzyme active sites.

15.10 Marco Cespugli In silico screening of enzymes for polycondensation using structure-based bioinformatic analysis and BioGPS descriptors

15.15 Simona Fermani Unravelling the shape and structural assembly of photosynthetic GAPDH complexes from Arabidopsis thaliana

15.30-16.50 Comunicazioni orali

Chair: Giorgia Oliviero e Laura Cipolla

15.30-15.40 Andrea Falanga PNA-functionalized adenoviral vectors as new tool for gene modulation in anti-cancer treatment

15.40-15.50 Rebecca Pogni Ligninolytic enzymes: insights on the catalytic mechanism, enzymatic immobilization and LCA analysis

15.50-16.00 Valeria Costantino Biotech applications deriving from Quorum Sensing Studies in marine bacteria

16.00-16.10 Lucia Gardossi Chemo-enzymatic valorization of bio-based building blocks for the synthesis of functionalyzed polyesters

16.10-16.20 Chiara Samorì Polyhydroxyalkanoates: production, extraction and novel applications

16.20-16.30 Paola Galletti Alcohols and amines bio-oxidation using Laccase-mediator system

16.30-16.40 Maria Calabretta Improving Cell-Based assays and whole-cell biosensors with bioluminescent 3D cell culture models

16.40-16.50 Luca Mazzei Biochemical and structural studies on the inhibition of urease, a nickel-dependent virulence factor

17.00-17.30 discussione

17.30 Chiusura lavori